Juan N. Kawas & CIA. SUCS. S.A.


Juan N. Kawas
Juan Nicolas Kawas migrated to La Ceiba, Honduras from Bethlehem, Palestine, in the year of 1898. He founded the company called Juan N. Kawas & Brother with his brother, Jorge N. Kawas. The company deals with the distribution of wholesale merchandise of many different kinds of products throughout Honduras.

Both brothers operated the company together until 1945 when they decided to part ways. That same year, Juan N. Kawas, with his children decided to work together and changed the name of the company to Juan N. Kawas & Cia.

The company was able to acquire and consolidated the exclusive distribution of the best brands for different products from Europe, South America and North America. With that, they were able to become the leaders in wines and spirits in Honduras.

Juan N. Kawas died in 1961 at the age of ninety years. It was until 1973 that the name of the company change to be Juan N. Kawas & Cia. Sucs. S.A.

By continuing business Kawas brothers began their wholesale department, which has been instrumental in its development. The company serves the northern coast of Honduras, including the Bay Islands and the region of the Mosquita. They were also able to open a branch in Tegucigalpa in 1996 and San Pedro Sula in 2004, with an emphasis on the market for restaurants and supermarkets.